• Sophie Lee

Is it Safe to visit a Nail Salon right now?

We take part in these conversations quite often. We attend several Chamber of Commerce and local business video conference calls, that allows us to learn, give feedback and advice.

We’ve been operating Nail Salons for almost 10 Years now. One thing I can tell you with complete certainty, is “We’ve never experienced anything like this COVID-19 Pandemic before and we’ve learned so much from it". It has forced many businesses to close down and has left the rest of the businesses fighting to keep their doors open (Not Profit).

One thing this Pandemic has done right is taught many businesses to operate in a safe and hygienic manner which we appreciate very much. There were lots of Nail Salons out there giving us all a bad name.

Ok Ok, but Is it Safe?:

Yes it is, ONLY if your salon is taking the necessary precautions to operate in a safe manner. I’ve listed 5 main key points to take away from this post.

  1. Are they cleaning and disinfecting after each customer? It’s very easy to know if they are? While you’re sitting down waiting to be serviced, you can look around to see if they’re cleaning after a customer is done. This is very important right now.

  2. Do they have a cleaning company that comes in to sanitize the salon at least twice per week? Simply ask the receptionist at the time of your visit and they will tell you. Typically receptionist aren’t bias and only want what’s best for customers and themselves.

  3. Are they overcrowding the salon with customers? It’s definitely not safe to have way too many people at the salon at the same time. If you walk in or are sitting down getting serviced and notice overcrowding, you may want to speak up and say something to your nail technician. I know most people want to avoid any confrontation, but it’s your right to speak up.

  4. Avoid spending too much time at the salon - Call and make an appointment to avoid walking in and having to wait. Most salons are accommodating appointments more than walk-ins.

  5. Check their Google Reviews and save yourself a trip to the wrong salon. Customers typically go onto Google Reviews to express their great experience or disdain for the business.

I’d like to thank you If you made it to this point in this article. Share this post on Facebook or Twitter and help a friend or family member educate themselves on how to stay safe while getting their beauty maintenance on.


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